Vanguard Releases New range of straps & harnesses

The VEO Optic Guard Collection from Vanguard is designed to allow binocular and camera users to select the best carrying solution for every trip, and set it up in seconds, without the kerfuffle of a traditional strap attachment.

The VEO OPTIC GUARD Collection allows you to switch between a camera strap, wrist strap or harness style carrying solution quickly and easily thanks to Vanguard’s innovative new patented clip lock quick-release system.

Designed to fit most optics and cameras with eyelets for straps, simply attach the cinch clips provided to your chosen optic or camera, and slot it into the cinch buckle of the strap of your choice. This will be held securely when in use, and to release it, simply press the button and remove it.

The harness options include:

The VEO Optic Guard NS Neck Strap is available in black (BK), brown (BR) or green (GR). These are neoprene straps with a non-slip inner lining that are great for everyday use, and can be adjusted in length from 84mm to 1090mm for maximum comfort. The brown and green straps have brown real leather finishing, with PU leather on the black. Each strap features enhanced stitching for maximum security and is supplied with four cinch clips so you can set up more than one device to use the strap with, such as your binoculars and your camera.

The VEO Optic Guard WS Wrist Strap is available in black (BK) or brown (BR). These can be tightened around the wrist to keep them secure. The brown strap has real leather finishing with the black having PU leather. Each features enhanced stitching for maximum security and is perfect for keeping your optics or camera safely to hand on shorter trips. But for those with a waterproof camera such as an Olympus Tough, the black model allows you to keep your camera to hand when snorkelling or diving (but always rinse off and dry the strap thoroughly after use). Each wrist strap comes with two cinch clips.

The VEO Optic Guard H Harness is the no-frills harness solution that is focused on binoculars, available in black (BK) or brown (BR). Elasticated straps go across each shoulder connecting to a silicone pad (on black harness) or an embossed real leather pad (on the brown harness) which helps spread the weight across the shoulders and back over longer distances. The straps can be tightened for your comfort, and the height of your binoculars (or other devices) easily be adjusted. Each strap features enhanced stitching for maximum security and is either finished with real leather, (brown), or PU leather, (black). Each harness comes with four cinch clips.

The VEO Optic Guard H DLX Harness is the harness solution that delivers maximum comfort when using your binoculars over extended periods, available in black (BK) with PU leather finishing and brown (BR) or green (GR) with real leather finishing. Elasticated straps attach to a wide neoprene shoulder system with a non-slip inner lining through a robust metal buckle. The lower elasticated straps can be adjusted for your comfort, while the neoprene shoulder system spreads the weight comfortably across the shoulders and upper back, allowing you to carry your optics or camera for long periods with minimum effort. On the metal buckle there is a third strap that allows you to attach your optics or camera, and this can be adjusted by up to 115mm for the most comfortable position. Also included are a chest strap and two elasticated loops that can be attached to the metal buckles when needed to hold your optics or camera more securely against your chest as you move between locations. Each harness comes with four cinch clips.

The VEO OPTIC GUARD Collection is available now

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